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12-20-2011, 06:23 AM
I wouldn't mind the idea of making our own kitbashes or at least allow us to have more parts to play with, it's not all that hard to find someone with the same "unique" ship design. More in this department would be better. Sell the parts on the C-Store and make a good profit doing so. Considering how much Cryptic has got to create awesome character editors and costume editors. My only question is why leave the Ship Editor so plain? There is as most 4 parts to play with per tier. This only counts if you got the +1 ships or costumes.

I'm sure there are some "legal issues" about it. But I would think if they aren't going to use canon designs then they can cook up some of their own without issue. They don't have to be canon parts, just some extra pieces to play with. Or allow us to unlock a cruiser pack. Which allows us to use all the peices of all the cruisers in the game. The ships are the main stay of this MMO. I just don't know why it's been handled liek it's a secondary idea. I would like to mix and match and create my own ship. With more than just a handful of options.