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12-20-2011, 06:42 AM
There should be criticism so long as it doesn't degrade into person attacks or pointless rants. I do know sometimes you have to go to the 'screaming level' to empathizes how important something is like the recent Voldomore exploit.

This action of favoring what appears to be pod casts that do not put much (if any) criticism out just seems wrong; especially when you could consider the bug ship a bribe. If the point of giving them out was to promote the ship, you would still want the harsh critics to get a hold of it to avoid the appearance of hiding things.

But in the end, Cryptic (as a whole) has no ethics and hates any negative feedback. So this honestly does not surprise me. I have not heard of the RSA Podcast until now, but I'll be sure to drop on by and check it out.