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12-20-2011, 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by castogere View Post
Im not very politically correct, nor do I really care whom I offend (thats your problem not mine) so social courtesy and lil phony pleasentries are not my thing.

Regardless of other views here I would like to hear your pod cast....never heard it before...but am always intrerested in all points of views. I cannot condone the OP for being bashed for laying out what would appear to be a genuine concern as it pertains to fairness.

Try to take the emotion out of the assessment though OP as your message will come accross sounding less like a angry teenager and more like an adult with some concerns.

Everyone has a voice and deserves a chance, no matter how one feels they come off.

The world runs on social courtesy and civility, my friend. Doubly more so in the entertainment industry, where appearances and perception mean everything. The very notion of "if you're offended that's your problem not mine" basically slams the two-way discourse door in the face of that person, especially when it comes to things like recognition. People generally tolerate working with other people whom they might not like but still try to make an effort. The people who basically have a chip on their shoulder from the get-go? Fuggedaboutit. Also not to mention, when word gets around to other people that a particular person "is hard to work with" (read: is a d****bag/troll/etc.), then you'll quickly find yourself effectively blacklisted in the community. All it takes is one bad experience by someone of relative importance to find the majority of your business contacts shutdown.

I have read Mavgeek's posts in other contexts and for the most part they sound ranty, a lot of posts which come off giving the perception that Mavgeek "knows what's best" or whatever. Of course RSA is not going to be considered a good PR partner if they were on the air this entire time and never managed once to get devs or community managers on their show. Just because they've been around the longest does not mean they deserve anything. Hollywood is not a meritocracy (then again neither are most things that involve money these days).