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12-20-2011, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by CivilPhil
So . . much to . . . respond to . . . . not enough words in english to . . . express . . . . blaugh.

[[passes out]]

J/K, here's few thoughts (but this is entirely off topic from the OP)

You seem to have a very low opinion of humanity (and 'Merica specifically). Plus, based on what historical and/or physical evidence do you use terms like capitalist agenda, human sleeping condition, enslaved . . . or am I just another soulless minion of orthodoxy? These sound like terms I hear entirely calm and reasonable people like Glenn Beck use. :p

True Freedom? Do you mean that a person who has true freedom has the ability to live and act exactly as they want? Sorry, but I think the countless people murdered each year would have something to say about that. (not to mention all the OTHER serious problems with a "truly free" society, but that's this WHOLE other discussion)
Not trying to derail the thread here.....but to answer your query.....

Perhaps I do carry little faith in humanity...war will do that to you. Only you must understand I've been a globe trotter since birth and seen all forms of authoritarian rule in all forms and sizes. Jaded? Maybe so....not really low of faith in humanity however as there are good people out there.

And please do not compare me to Glen Beck...he's a paid shill for the mindless to follow. And need I remind you that history repeats itself. When I speak of true freedom, it's not what you is not the presence of anarchy, but the presence of equality all around (not speaking of entitlement or socialist agenda) but rather the true freedom to do what you want as long as it does not hinder another life in anyway.

Also try not to insert emotion in my words as there are none. It is simple and to the point, very matter of fact really. Granted it is based on my perception of such notions as to what I believe to be true....lets face it, truth is a grey area in itself.

Freedom is what we do not have the luxury of, and yes the world as a populas is controled either directly or indirectly by the decisions of no, we are not truly free. To illustrate my point check out the movie Human Resources (youtube has it) everything in there is factual and outlines the monkey bananna syndrom we all live in. We are slaves to money, that is what I meant by that statement.

The OP is correct in one way, the perception of choice versus the pitfall of dilemma and the settling for this because I cannot have that ideal. For that there is a graceful bow.

Hows that?