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12-20-2011, 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by lilravegirl View Post
Mav, I'm sorry to say your Original post has pretty much eliminated any chance of me listening to the RSA podcast again. I'm sorry, but this sort of reaction is incredibly unprofessional.

If you want to feel slighted by Cryptic, you have every right... but as someone that works in media, I can tell you sincerely that airing out this sort of stuff in a public forum reflects poorly on your podcast as a whole.
Same here.

I will not support any group that does what you has done.It is plain and simple unprofessional and a poor choice.

Besides looking at your posting history do you honestly question why Cryptic do not give you the time of day in terms of interviews etc.
You are not good for the community with your behavior on the forums and the way you do your podcast with such negativity does not help that image at all either.

A company is going to support people who support them plain and simple and you simply are not one of those groups.Blizzard does it all the time in WoW with free tickets and perks to their conventions and such to certain guilds and podcasters and machinima makers.

This is nothing new in the business world.

I see nothing wrong with it.