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12-20-2011, 07:25 AM
Originally Posted by Cowbert View Post
The world runs on social courtesy and civility, my friend. Doubly more so in the entertainment industry, where appearances and perception mean everything. The very notion of "if you're offended that's your problem not mine" basically slams the two-way discourse door in the face of that person, especially when it comes to things like recognition. People generally tolerate working with other people whom they might not like but still try to make an effort. The people who basically have a chip on their shoulder from the get-go? Fuggedaboutit

I have read Mavgeek's posts in other contexts and for the most part they sound ranty, a lot of posts which come off giving the perception that Mavgeek "knows what's best" or whatever. Of course RSA is not going to be considered a good PR partner if they were on the air this entire time and never managed once to get devs or community managers on their show. Just because they've been around the longest does not mean they deserve anything. Hollywood is not a meritocracy (then again neither are most things that involve money these days).
That my friend is why I live by a simple rule. Respect given is respect earned. You can still be civil and drop the fake front to accomplish what it is your after...compromise does not have to be a rear kissing contest. No chips, no shoulders, I actually do operate under such simplicity.

And in all honesty I really do not care if one is offended by my words.....because it truly is their problem not mine. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. Even if some are rubbed the wrong way. I still use tact and civility in my tone...just don't expect me to sugar coat anything. I cannot be held responsible for anothers insecurity and the reaction that follows. You are your own person, I cannot presume to take responsibility for your actions.

As far as Hollyweird wont find me there. The OP has the right to put it out there so to this the right venue? Maybe not. Is he going about it in a way condusive to the mold Cryptic is used to? Again maybe not. His method of complaint and his reasoning for doing so is driven by his perception of lack of fair treatment. It does not dismiss the way he runs his show.....some like it, some don't. Some will listen, some will not.

All Im driving at is, he has the right to complain....perhaps here isnt the best place.....that doesn't make the meat of his complaint any less valid does it?