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Greetings All,

I was just tuning into the Stoked 108 and heard that well soon be getting hit with a massive skill revamp that if I understand correctly will see us loose a huge chunk of our skill points that we could use for space skills that will now only be available for ground skills.

On top of losing maybe 50% of our space skill points, well also be paying higher skill point costs for many lower tiered space and ground skills.

I feel that these proposed changes will only serve to weaken my space combat experience which is my preferred choice of combat.

Now if it was clear that Id not be losing my effectiveness in space and gaining the options to delve into ground skills, then Id have no problem with it but that does not appear to be the case.

I think whats upsetting me most about this new space and ground skill revamp is that it seems that I will be also losing my freedom of choice over how I want to build my Characters.

Will there be an option in this new revamp that will let us choose to forgo specing into any ground skills and use all of our skill points for only space skills?

How will being able to train Captains skills be effected by this skill split?

This new system makes me feel that Ill be forced to greatly water my characters down in space to pay for skills that I most likely wont want to use on the ground.

If Cryptic wants me to start using ground skills, then they need to create a separate pool of skill points for the ground that does not affect my current pool of skill points that I use in space.

Bear in mind that this is only my point of view on this upcoming skill point split.

Thanks for your time