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12-20-2011, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by Suavek View Post
Sadly, I too believe that the current way STFs are handled is a miss.

You can't even call it a grind, really. That would imply you get closer to something, making small steps towards it etc, but in reality it's a lottery even bigger than the Winter Package.

I don't mind a grind, to be honest. It's an MMO game - that's to be expected. And even if it does get tedious after a while, later I'm even more glad I finally earned something. This was the case with Emblems, which I used to buy ships, and later C-Points, after the conversion. I've spent a lot of time getting those, but I got something in the end. It was worth it.

But when it comes to STFs, if you want any of the Mk XII set you not only have to do Elite runs, but do them over and over with nothing but HOPES of getting a proper loot. One person may do a single run and get the items (happened to me once - I got Prototype Armor from my first KA Ground Elite run, but nothing since then), while others may do them till death and end up with nothing.

I mentioned this numerous times on the forums and I'll mention this again - give us an alternative method/currency to get Mk XII set items. Make them available for EDCs, Rare Salvages, Prototype Salvages or even some new drop you ALWAYS get from doing Elite runs. The way it is now it's completely discouraging, especially in the case of PUGs, which may end up in mission failure. And I personally don't like to waste time like this...

Getting a Mk XII item/set means only that you were lucky, and not devoted/experienced. It's not fair, and it's one of the things that simply MUST be reconsidered for future updates, especially if this is supposed to be "endgame content".
Perhaps something like replacing the guaranteed 2 EDC with 1 Prototype Borg Salvage, but making each Mk XII set item cost 20-40 Prototype Salvage? That way you can still only get the elite set items by doing elite (and still a LOT of times), but it's not a hopeless chance to try to get 12 different tech drops (the shield/deflector/engine and weapon/armor/shield for both Omega Force and MACO/Honor Guard).

Cause honestly if you do 120 Elite STF runs, it's nuts to not have earned a Mk XII set by then. Gozer has made it quite clear the 120 is an upperbound for the lower sets, so why should Mk XII be any different since it'd still require you to play and complete an elite STF?

Edit: Removed the bit about "Allow Prototype Salvage to be traded down for EDC but not vice versa." since Gozer is against it (however, tech drop rate needs to be >2.5% since 40 EDC is your self-imposed absolute upperbound.
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
EDC's are tightly controlled as well, they are also the absolute cap for things in the store.

I give you EDC's at a controlled rate.
I give salvage at a controlled rate.
I give you tech at a controlled rate.

EDC's take the longest to collect, but they are the "easiest" to get. I give you a set number of them every time you play.

Tech drop will be fairly rare, you wont get them all that often. However when you do, it's like winning the lottery on that mission.

Yes you can use EDC's to get lot's of stuff.. However letting you downgrade salvage to EDC's throws off the rate at which you can get EDC's.

Every one of these things has a specific purpose, and either drops or is given to you directly at a specific rate.

I won't be letting you upgrade or downgrade things since it throws off the rate at which you can acquire specific things.
This now seems antiquated in the light of more feedback:
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
You will never be able to trade Salvage for Set Gear.

Salvage is for Borg Standard Issue.
Tech is for Set Gear (Special Reserve)

Both have different drop rates for a reason. This won't change.

Drop rates for salvage are higher since you need many more items to fully equip a ship with the Borg Standard Issue Gear.