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12-20-2011, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by Starfish1
Would certainly like to see Risa get some love and attention, and maybe the odd mission or two.
At least a tiki bar on the beach, for crying out loud. How can there be a beach with no tiki bar? Flaming torches. Big ugly wooden and stone heads. Hibachi tableside food service. Biga** scorpion-bowl drinks with big long straws for everyone. Big chunks of pineapple and citrus fruit garnishing drinks served in highballs and tumblers. A rainbow of frozen drinks. A plugged and properly chilled watermelon. And whole roast pig, cooked in a traditional Hawaiian imu.

I think the devs should meet for drinks after work at their local Trader Vic's, if there is one. Plenty of ideas for them to work with in there.