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12-20-2011, 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by Capitain Wilhelm
So they removed the requirement to have a phaser beam weapon equiped for the lance work. That put a smile on my face .
Maybe, I don't know, I've been flying the Dread for months like that now, but feel free to arm your ship with AP all around, get the AP consoles too. They are expensive on the exchange for MkXI purple but worth it I think. Personally my Dread has plasma all round because I like the effect and I love the HY2 Plasma torp, it does a lot of long lasting damge. My Retrofit Defiant Sau Paulo skin has AP all round but it does have the quad cannons, I suppose I'm losing a little on not having phaser modifiers for those but again i love the effect and the sound of them and they still hit hard. I think it's worth sacrificing a few DPS for effect after all it's what give you the enjoyment from the game.