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12-20-2011, 11:39 AM
I hate the the new space setup the way it is. It was done for more reasons than for people to "fly any ship" they want. As this doesnt actually work anyway. As a sci in an escort needs to max out attack patterns to have more dps and debuffing,( i sure cant afford point in torps at all). Those that dont shouldnt even be in one. They hinder groups, not help them.

We all know why they are changing everything. To drop the learning curve for f2p. In essence, making it idiot proof. If im forced into a the split, my sci/escort will end up being useless, or stuck in just one ship type anyway. So much for thier big selling points on the system.

What they should do, without killing our points we have now is simple, and it still makes it idiot proof. Leave our points we have alone now for space, the CREATE ground points to use in ground. So we have 72500 or whatever it is for space, and add in points for ground. Or ..... take the cap out for gold subs, that should get them money too, which is why the whole revamp was done anyway.

Still, the fact of the matter is, every change is aimed at selling items from the store. Sooner or later they will have an item that will allow for more points. Most likely in a grab bag. heh Arguing that this is not the case, is, well Futile......