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12-20-2011, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by Obelus
I don't understand the justification for subtracting points from space skills and forcing them to be used on ground combat. It's a nerf to players who prefer space combat...who I'd guess are a majority.

If Cryptic wants players to spec ground skills then double the total number of skill points given to the player and insist that they spend them 50/50 between ground and space. No nerf. Everyone gets a boost.
Cryptic would not even have to double the skill point pool; all theyd have to do is raise the total point cap by 50% and make that extra 50% ground only.

Hows this new forced ground skill revamp going to affect new players starting out or players that are leveling alts?

Its beginning to look like well all be suffering a missive loss of effectiveness because players that only spec for ground now will have to take more space skills has well.

I just dont get the reasoning behind this move.

The only thing that I can think of that would make these changes make any sense at all would be if cryptic was trying to make our characters depend even more heavily on equipment than we already do now.

By greatly reducing the amount of skill points that we can use on space and ground skills, it will force much more dependence on getting Ubber Elite Equipment to fill in the loses.

If we start seeing +1 versions of equipment showing up at the Dilithum vendors well know why this skill revamp became necessary