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12-20-2011, 12:50 PM
And just to clear it up since many just skip over the original description, it's not about the bugship. Yes this was a partial catalyst but it is the over all lack of respect Cryptic has given to us.

We never claimed to be the best podcast, or even a good podcast. We do what we do and if folks listen they listen, if not that is no skin off our backs. What we are ****ed about, and remember this is we not just my opinion, is the lack of a response.

Imagine you applied for a job in real life, but the company would never take your calls, never respond to your emails, nothing. It would be one thing if they responded and said "We're sorry the job has been filled" right? But if they never respond at all, that shows a lack of respect and general niceness of being human. That is what Cryptic has done for two years, that we are angry over. It's not whether or not so and so gets a free ship. Put the damn thing in the C-Store, I'll buy my own. It's the fact that we've sent hundreds of emails over the years, called them, you name it and they don't even have the dignity to say "No".

That's all it would take, one simple word. If they said "No" we'd let it go at that and never say another word about it.

We may suck as a podcast, since that's the general consensus most people come to, but we try. We put in the work, the effort, when many others don't (those that choose to not do a podcast or a fansite or whatnot). At the end of the day we can say we tried. I'll take that any day of the week, over the best podcast out of the bunch.