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12-20-2011, 02:37 PM
About the German ToS:

You have to consider the time of the localization. Back then, it was customary to spice up dialogues with humor in order to attract more viewers (please understand that the viewer ship back then was openly more attracted to the funny side of things.). The trios inflated bickering was very endearing and helped make TOS a success over here. Then TNG came and the overall less jovial dub made people shake their heads who only knew the german ToS. Common quote from viewers: "What a bunch of cold, stiff *******s!"
There are Several other Series that got similar treatments, changing them.

For example:
German "Die Zwei"
The Show basically changed in all but the moving pictures. Again to suit the current mindset of the viewer ship.

This line of Dubbing has fortunately long fallen out of practice, leaving us just with simply "bad" localization jobs (and even those now commonly come down to "i know the original and all this sounds wrong!".)

So, cryptic, hire people that are natives in the languages you wish to have your games localized to. Its what all the successful people do. You know, success? The thing always eluding you because you are cheap hacks?