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12-20-2011, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by Koppenflak
Given Chris's comments concerning Cryptic criticsm in the past (Holy mother of god, that was a lot of C words...) I suspect that given it was Jeremy he was speaking to, the idea of raising the "grab bag" fiasco would have been flogging a dead horse. I suspect the J-Man is intimately aware of the controversy of the decision, and it wouldn't have served much purpose internally to raise it again.

...And Chris has stated in the past that STOked does not exist to bash the game it effectively serves as a fan mouthpiece for. To play devil's advocate on the point, this episode also didn't have a "Community Feedback" segment, which would strike me as the appropriate place to raise such concerns.
I didnt actually mean discussing it with Jeremy, and there is a difference between bashing Cryptic and simply reporting on the community reaction. But yes I agree, the community feedback segment is where it should have been.