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# 2906 Dilithium Rage
12-21-2011, 01:20 AM
I know the dilithium is supposed to be the new currency in the game, but I'm seeing a vast and extremely irritating disparity between the ability to GET the stuff and the cost of USING the stuff.

To fully equip a ship costs 152,300 refined dilithium (crafting discount "methogenic events" notwithstanding).

We can refine a maximum of 8000 per day. Which means we can craft ONE ITEM every two days - assuming we're playing enough to gather that much dilithium in a day.

Guys, seriously, cut the cost of crafting as far as dilithium goes in HALF. You'll still need to go get a ton of it - especially for new characters. That's the simplest thing you can do. Otherwise, make acquiring it a hell of a lot easier than that random Academy BS you just ran (My god, how awful was that? It was a COMPLETE waste of time and energy.) The officer list is fine, but at only 5 dilithium on average obtained per "assignment", yeah, it will take three years to equip a ship with ONE item.

It was hard enough to get the crafting data samples to bling out a ship and crew before, but a few days of focused farming can do it. Yet now there's more impediment to crafting than ever before. For those who don't like to constantly repeat missions to keep getting the bue rewards to get max weaponry, shields and equipment, and want to craft instead, the folks at STO have made the game a hell of a lot less enjoyable.