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12-21-2011, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Voldie may or may not be gone. FBP is still borked, Oh TSS I think is fixed but now with the Doff system it is almost like you have 2 of them, when you combine Doff BFI Shield Regen chance and Borg Proc Chance. But PvP is more or less more balanced than it was. Escorts kill, cruisers heal, and SV do sci stuff.
FBP is still borked? I've been using FBP 2 and it seems like the damage is in-line with what I expected, albeit slightly higher (but I attributed that to having 3 dedicated FBP consoles and a general buff to Escort damage/FBP damage).

On the note of DOffs, what seems to be a good setup regarding those? I'm a complete noob so I've got no idea how those even work. I have a green Aux to SIF CD reduction, Target Subsystems CD reduction, and a blue Gravimetric Aftershock DOff loaded up, but I don't even know if these are decent heh.

FvK seems more of a spam/lagfest than ever. You'd better hope someone brought CSV/FAW to combat all of the random crap flying around and people are dumping EWP like there's no tomorrow.

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I now command a beetle starship.
Noooo, go back to your Defiant/FE. You were OP enough in those :p