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12-21-2011, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by Capitain Wilhelm
I'm really going to make some tests. I have thought already on plasma and tetrion also. About the phaser lance, I think when the ship first come out, it was stated that it was needed a phaser beam weapon to it work. But I stayed a time away from the game, so I think it was on this time they changed it (and that was a lot of time ago). And also I think like Litchfield. I don't mind losing a few damage on the phaser lance in exchange of a better overall effects, like more critical from AP, or seeing a enemy ship burning in hot plasma.
yeah. i was grouped with a few Gal-X's that enjoyed using an AP Lance rather than phaser lance. i have to say, i think it looks cooler wit hthe Darker red of AP rather than orange of the phaser...