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12-21-2011, 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
The big thing about the beetle ship is its turn rate. With all the uni consoles the console layout is not an issue since borg uni will go in the 1 sci slot and 1 or 2 p2w will go in the engie consoles.

As for doffs until you can get purple ones look for the ones that will help your ship setup. Most of them have a little discription though some are ambiguous like one helps deflector abilities but with skill tree revamp that is going to be tough to figure out.

On my raptor for space I use doffs that do the following, Shield Distro officer - BFI gets the TSS effect, Proj Weapons - chance to speed up proj recharge, an engie doff - it adds buffs bassed on batteries used, sci doff I think - that helps energy drains since I use Plasmonic leech and Borg TB, and eng doff - helps with recharge of EPtX recharge.

So in essence I went more defensive with doffs to help with survivability in an escort.
I still maintain that the ship is balanced.. For regular PvP survival youre pretty much locked into Sci/Eng and the extra eng console is somewhat balaanced out by the missing sci console.. That leaves turning and hull.

Is the turning really that superior to say MVAE hyperturn?

Also something you neglect to mention is the lack of the Ensign BO seat.