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12-21-2011, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by Darksided View Post
Roach - you've been around awhile man, that's like saying Season 1 PvP was the same as every season since. It's going to have a significant impact to PvP, because big changes always do.

The skill tree changes will have no effect on PvP - Those that do well in PvP will still be the ones that do well in PvP becuase they already have the experience to draw from to design and build to a purpose that supports thier playstyle in PvP

The Skill Tree changes will have no effect on PvP - Those casual players (that the Devs seem to think will flock to PvP with the changes proposed) will still fall short of being competitive until such time as they learn the ins/outs of PvP ship design and how things work in PvP.

The Skill changes will have no effect on PvP. The old school PvP'ers will adapt (once again) and the new to PvP'ers will still have to continue to learn how to PvP until they can be considered among the old school.

Those that know how to decloak and kill in seconds will still decloak and kill in seconds, ieven if those seconds last longer now.

Those that Know how to stack resists will still be able to do so.
Those that Know how to combo powers to maximum effect will still be able to do so
It will still take time to resolve combat, the only factor in the speed of such combat being the experience of those involved.

Do I like having to put points into an aspect of the game I do not play often (if at all) - No.

Will it change PvP? No.
The cream will continue float to the top of PvP and the chaff will still whine that the wheat has it better or easier than they do in PvP. (and its not thier fault but the game)

The only thing that may change is when F2P goes live and the froobies fly in and claim "All is OP" from thier limited experience and PoV, becuase they have no idea what they are doing from day one.

My only fear for the SKill tree is that now we will find most of our SP being spent on the T1 and T2 skills at a higher cost per skill level per skill and the T3+ skills will still fall short of being able to get a good spread across them due to a lack of points.
Time will tell becuase the Devs are going to do this anyway.
I suggest we all Test it the moment it is put on Tribble.