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12-21-2011, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by oberlerchner123 View Post
There are 2 ways that I know off.

1 Science Tank melees Armek alone. Everyone else basicly just watches, fires off a shot once in a while, but not too much or he will aggro someone at range and 2-shot chain the whole team.

2, Engineers attack him with Quantum Mortars while a cloaked Tactical hides in a corner.
Old ways are still the best ways. Always nice to have two sci in the party so one can keep an eye on the sci tank and toss in extra heals when needed. When he assimilates the tank it can do 70% of their health so it pays off to have a guardian angel.

LOL yeah, prefer tacs locked outside the shield or laying there dead in this fight, only takes a few minutes to take him down, even on elite