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Reason for post- War as proven in DS9 is the mother of necessity. The KDF carriers have ruled pvp since day 1. It is only logical the federation would combat, or match this weapon.

Canon- Proof there is a federation carrier.
DS9 series, season 6 episode 1 "A Time To Stand"
After the 'last season' bit, they evacuate DS9 with the assault by the Dominion. There is a scene where a cruiser is being towed by tractor beam. To the right of that fighters fly awkwardly by, and then there she is... A 'thrudeck carrier'.
The only source I find this is here.
(You can see a column where it says 'no', this is if it's official Startrek or not)
According to this website, the ship is named the 'raging queen' there is also another one named the 'Curry'; I cannot find this one in the episode. Looking at its design it's Pre-war. This tells me the Federation had built carriers before the war with the Dominion. The 'it's not canon' folks can try to shoot this down, but it's there in the episode, fighter wings and all.
These ships would be the size of cruisers. With two ships in the class, one commander that is similar to KDF flight deck cruisers. And a larger one closer to strength of a KDF carrier.
The light carrier
2 engineer, 2 science, 1 tactical consoles.
Ensign tactical, Ensign engineering, LT engineering, Lt commander engineering, ensign science
3 fore and 2 aft weapons
+5 to shield power
This ship would be a little quicker and handle a little better than the KDF same rank carrier, but has less combat effectiveness. This ship would come with Peregrine fighters. Valkyrie class fighters would be added as an option, preferably in the Dil store.
The heavier carrier
4 engineer, 3 science, 1 tactical consoles.
ensign tactical, Lt engineering, Lt commander engineering, Commander engineering, Lt science
4 for and 2 aft weapons
+15 to shield power
This ship would be once again more maneuverable than the KDF ships. Due to the lack of mass and lack of large attack craft. This ship would come with Peregrine fighters and Valkyrie fighters.

These carriers would rely on shielding and the speed to survive combat. KDF carriers are heavier, slower, and in general more combat based. Making the deciding factor in a 1v1 on the ability of the captains.

Retort for KDF 'uniqueness'-
KDF will still have the huge carriers capable of fielding BoP's, the support carriers. And frankly carriers out the ying yang. Giving federation these two carriers in no way over powers the federation. But instead offers hard core Fed players an insight into carrier game play. The draw for a larger more powerful carrier will in no doubt in my mind draw more people to the KDF to experience the more... in depth carrier game play.