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12-21-2011, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
Its not PvP that takes a hit with this split, its PvE and STFs. Specifically the Elite STFs: They are crazy hard. Any shift in player power w/o compensation in STF difficulty makes them even more problematic.
I disagree. My engineer is specced into ground and space (at what I would guess is about 75/space to 25/ground and performs admirably in all STFs in either an escort or cruiser, and equally on the ground.

The key is this - know your role. Pick one or two kits to specialise in, for example I go with the turrets kit and the enemy neutralisation kit and spec into that. Ditto for space, decide why you want to do well and go for it, DPS or tank, alternatively go jack of all trades and have a spAttering of both.

Not saying your wrong, but you might be worrying too much.