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12-21-2011, 04:21 PM
Yes. A nice addition to the game.

Do you need them?

(Just in case you don't have time/ desire to check out DOFFs for Doofuses -- but you really should check it out sometime) :-)

The short (and sloppy) answer is that you can assign up to 10 DOFFs (5 for ground and 5 for space) to be removed from the available pool for doing DOFF missions but instead have them give you a nice but not game-breaking passive bonus. There are many different DOFF passives and each DOFF grants up to one passive (depending on if his passive grant applies to any skill, attack, etc, that your character uses) when assigned to his role as a passive-giver (called being on 'active duty').

So they are a totally optional component of the game, but you 'need' them if you want to take advantage of their passive-granting-ness. If not, you miss out on up to 10 passive bonuses that you could be receiving. Their passives are things that could help you in PvP or PvE. I don't do much PvP, but I'm guessing that the difference is more noticeable in PvP and that if you mostly do PvE the DOFF passives become even more 'optional' (but still fun).

After you assign the 10 passives that you like best why keep playing the DOFF missions? Because 'ranking up' the DOFF missions unlock access to better DOFFs with (presumably) better passives to grant.

DOFFs can be moved on and off of 'Atcive Duty' as often as you like, but they become 'bound' to you forever once you put them on the Active roster. If you think you may want to mail, sell, or trade them, then you will have to avoid the temptation to put them on your Active roster.