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12-21-2011, 03:51 PM
I've defended the devs on several occasions for a few things. And I see nothing wrong with saying this idea is Ignorant and idiotic. It may be. Sometimes I wonder what the devs actually do all day. Or in their 40 hour work week. Sometimes a month or three will go by in the game with zero new content and no fixes to ongoing issues.

Look at the dictionary. Idiotic: showing complete lack of thought or common sense, foolish.
Ignorant: Lacking knowlege or awareness in general; uneducated.

Both possibly apply here. Why would you force someone to spend points in something they may never do. It's like wanting to be a sniper but the modern warfare devs say you gotta spend 25% of your ammo on your pistol. Obviously I don't play the game, but if I did want to play sniper I could care less about my pistol. If they do that over there it would shock me. But maybe some of you play and would know.

A great man once said if you give up any amount of freedom for any amount of security you will have neither. This applies here, and in many other facets of life.

Don't give away your skill point freedom without a fight.