Thread: Hacked? Help?
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12-21-2011, 04:57 PM
Step 1 Run anti virus for virus,mal-ware & key-loggers.
Step 2 Change your password using a strong password. min 8 characters using upper and lowers case a swell as numbers. example 19AirForce72. write it down!
Step 3. Contact Support. be specific including the approx time period you believe the intrusion happened.

-Never give your username or password to anybody. it should be different than your display name on the forums or your @name. If it isn't contact support and get it changed.

-Never click on links from sources you are unsure of. If you can't help it at least hover first and ensure the displayed URL at the bottom of your browser shows you are going to go where you want to be going.

-Never click on links in emails. STO emails with STO links? Come to the site and navigate from the official site. Official emails are easy enough to spoof in order to grab your user name and password. (yes this happened to me and god knows how many more in WoW)

-Never use 3rd party add on software or patches with STO (or any other MMO).

Sorry it happened to you, I hope some of what I said here helps you not only in the future but maybe helps shed some light on how you may have been compromised.