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12-21-2011, 04:49 PM
The UI is fantastic! BUT the point spread is killing Ground players. I lost a lot going from Holo to Tribble. If you are going to Cap skills....can't it be 25:25:50 (space:ground:free to use)??? At least that way we have a choice on whether we want to play on the ground or in space regularly.

Out of the 10 skills that I'm allowed for ground as a Tac, I can only make it up to 6 on a about 6 of them, and having to leave other ground skills blank to do anything. I can't max any ground skill if I want to be covered a little in most of the ground skills.

Whereas as a player that hates space, you've given me a ton of points to max out close to 10 skills. There is something wrong here, as a person who likes ground, I should be able to max out more ground than space.