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12-21-2011, 04:50 PM
Only way I got close to him, he seemed to have some sort of silly wave or stages going on.
I was playing my medic character, straight medic kit for all 4 heals.. large hypo.

Ehh.. Very messy situtation, we actually had a person rage quit on us after like the 12th attempt or some .. thing..

Basically after his first stage he wouldnt bombard the area as much and his repulsion field or whatever aoe he has right away, isn't lethal enough to stop you at this point. So I got tired of remodulating my plasma pistols.. so I decided to try Melee combat. Well the first try of that I got him down to roughly 15% health before he assimilated me.

In short its probably possible if you had the anti assimilation hypo's and 2 crazy people doing straight medic healing themselves to tank the guy. Otherwise, forget about it and go run some other mission a few times.

-- Edit
I should probably mention that all attempts to get anyone up is futilie in this part of 'the cure'. Infact its easier for them to respawn, and spam the turrets into the shield thing.. or if they are tactical... stand there and look pretty.

Being that Armek is indeed overpowered and takes down my shields and 20% of my hp per shot... on NORMAL... WRONG WrONG WRONG!!!!!

... took me each and every one of the heals I had available as soon as I could pop them off to even tank him.. Either you can Fix the mission.. or Give me my Retro Borg gear for the time I've waisted in that ONE attempt to get through it. Nothing should EVER be that stupid hard on the lowest difficulty possible.