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12-21-2011, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by neosaturn View Post
I am stuck at

Spent Space: 274,500
Max Space: 275,00

Spent Ground: 91,000
Max Ground : 92,000

The Accept Button is greyed out.
Same problem I'm having. The UI is nice but beyond that I think it's pretty crappy.

I really do not like being forced to put skills into ground. I've been playing since head start and have yet to need points in ground because, save for leveling up, I don't do ground. If I wanted to play a ground based game I'd go to WoW or Lightsaber WoW (TOR) I, for one, play STO for the space bits.

I won't threaten with leaving or not playing or any kind of foolishness like that but I really think being forced into a certain mold to limit my enjoyment of the game is pretty poor.