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12-21-2011, 04:52 PM
Originally Posted by soonerjrj View Post
The UI is fantastic! BUT the point spread is killing Ground players. I lost a lot going from Holo to Tribble. If you are going to Cap skills....can't it be 25:25:50 (space:ground:free to use)??? At least that way we have a choice on whether we want to play on the ground or in space regularly.
Yeah, what was wrong with the old system where you could max out any skill you were the right rank for? That part was fine. It was the UI which sucked. Now the UI is awesome and the skilling up system itself appears "borked" to use a non-too technical term.

Seriously, Salami, a lot of these mainstream gamers who'll try silver accounts just want to murder things face-to-face. Only Star Trek fans want to fly around in Starfleet ships killing Klingons et al (or fly around in Klingon ships killing Federalies). You guys really need to re-think this imho.