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I've noticed sometimes in STF's that my hangar pets will act strange. Sometimes they will get all cozy and hug the back end of your ship doing nothing. Other times they follow a friendly unit that you just used your skills on (tac team, transfer shield strength, hazard emitters etc.) like a lost puppy.

S'Kul fighters also have that little feature where they suicide ramming speed into what they are focused on. However, this includes friendly units they are following.

Having used my tac team on the Kang in STF Cure space, seeing the S'kul fighters happily investigate what that pretty symbol was that just appeared above it, you can imagine my reaction. In panic I'm hitting follow, attack, escort on various units trying to peel them off before they destroy themselves against the Kang. Fortunately only one wing smashed themselves against its hull before I could ramming speed my Kar'fi Carrier into one of the negh'var to despawn the S'Kul that were happily buzzing around the disabled Kang. There have even been times in the past where they smash into my own ship.

While it can be humerous to have them kamikaze into you, it's a little disappointing that being in a carrier feels that you can be a liability to your team. The idea that your hangar craft could lend support to others in the distance while you hold your ground elsewhere is nice, though it just doesn't seem to work out that way in practice.