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# 8 Agree with Daya
12-21-2011, 06:29 PM
I was the tactical standing there looking pretty as Daya mentioned.....the mission against Armek at the end of the Cure was crazy hard. Not impossible but we had 5 seasoned vets and while admittedly, we were probably mostly spec'd for space..(can't speak for everyone on the team)...we should have been able to do better than we did on normal. We tried many different approaches, ranged weapons, melee, some inside the force field, some out. Daya's medic was impressive with melee but could not bring him down even with the rest of us standing back providing cover fire...well till we drew aggro and bought it.....
So, if we had two or three characters set up like Daya's medic, I'm confident we could defeat him in one or two tries. Feel bad for any other pickup teams trying this.
The rest of the mission was enjoyable. Not too hard but a challenge.
So, my feedback agrees with Daya....Armek is too hard on normal. Might need to dial down his chain lightning attack. Don't make him soft.....just a little less overpowering.