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12-21-2011, 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by RockMax View Post
If Starfleet is about to launch the Enterprise-F, then that means the Enterprise-E has been either destroyed or decommissioned. No news yet on what happened to her. Personally I hope just moth-balled and Data is still the captain.
I agree. Better to have the ship decommissioned/mothballed and Data still in the fight. HE could be the captain of the new ship similar to the events in the Novel "Imzadi".

As for Data's "Phoenix ressurection", I refute the idea tha he is using B-4's body/shell, and subsitute a different explination:

The Daystrom Insitute managed to create their own andriods and gynoids based off several artifical designs aquired by the Federation over the years. One of these made it his/her mission to track down Data's componets which were scattered accross the galaxy by the destruction of the Reman Flagship Scimitar(or carried off by the Pakleds as the came might be).