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12-21-2011, 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by Trek17
...or you just do the 'Explore Strange New Worlds' at the same time you do exploration missions. sure you only get to explore once every 24 hours that way, but you get dilithilum

and besides, if they added dilithilum to exploration missions, people would just spam them and get too much dilithilum and really unbalance the current economy. limiting it like they have keeps things normal
So they should unbalance it in the opposite direction, making the game all about getting Dilithium instead of doing missions and exploration? That's how an MMO dies.

I basically see this as the beginning of the end for STO; I pity anyone who bought a lifetime membership. The Badges/Merits/Marks system was very well balanced; the Dilithium System is crap. It's made the game into a Dilithium Grind; all aspects of story-based gameplay have been made trivial.