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-That was excellent! (5 Stars)

-Amazing! (4 Stars)

-Very well done. (4 Stars)

-A great start and build up, going on to part 2! (4 Stars)

-Really good story! (4 Stars)

-Very combat centric and quite a lot of fun. (4 Stars)

-I liked it keeps you on the edge of your seat. (4 Stars)

-A lot of chatter & blah, blah, but good work with the zoning. I am glad there was a way to bypass the script. (4 Stars)

-Stupid (1 Star)

-I liked it - good amount of fighting and not too much dialogue but just enough for cohesive story line. Excellent! (5 Stars)

-I liked it. It was a good story. Now on to part 2. (5 Stars)

-Truly excellent story. (5 Stars)

-Very interesting start. Good use of locations. (4 Stars)

-Not a bad start. Excellent NPC names. (4 Stars)