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12-21-2011, 11:25 PM
Originally Posted by Shadow_mane2001 View Post
I have a Close friend who is or was military, and I spoke to him that in the navy, which he was. You had your ship commanders and ground commanders. You did not have commanders who excelled at both Ship/Sea combat, and ground combat. You had Different commanders to each.

Forcing us to split our skills on this extreme is unrealistic. We should be allowed to spend our skill points as We see fit. From one pool, allowing us to focus on either Space, or ground. Not be highly skilled in both. I do not like it ONE bit.

I never spent any points in ground combat, because I found a set of ground powers for my Bridge officers, Weapons, Armor, and personal shields which was so effective I NEVER needed Ground skills.

I run with two engineers, and two science officers.

I give the engineers shield recharge 1, shield recharge 2, phaser turret 2, and Support drone Fabrication 1

My science officers I give Medical Tricorder 1, medical tricorder 2, Stasis field 2 (tachyon Harmonics 3 when/if I get an officer with it) Nanite health monitor 1

For Tactical officers which I never run with I give Photon grenade 1, battle strategies 2, Target optics 2, Fire on My Mark 2.

The gear I gave my Bridge officers were Personal shields cap x2 reg, Polly weave Alloy army, and a gattling gun of some type. For my own character I give two exploit weapons, Split beam, and sniper. With this effective combination I have NEVER EVER needed to worry about ground skills for STO pre season 5.

I regret to say, but the DEVS are starting to KILL Star Trek online for me. I think I will be spending more and more time on Star Wars TOR. Please do not force a mandatory Ground space skill split. Please Allow us to Spend our Skill points where WE want, do not FORCE us to split them.
You know you were doing so well and convincing till you used that cheesy trump card of "more time on SWTOR" bit. By that, bud, you ruined your argument, IMO. That could've been left out. Well, enjoy your little um.. lightsaber.