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12-22-2011, 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by wanderingsstar View Post
The wheel was already round. My point? I have no interest whatsoever in ground combat, yet I will now be forced to take points away from what I love and put them in something I loathe. Here's the simplest idea you could consider: Give us the choice! That's all.
I agree. The space skill re-do was awesome, It meant that i could finally fly both cruisers and science ships effectively in space combat. Now once more I am forced into a specific class of ship to be effective in these ridiculous STF's.

I, like so many others do not like ground combat, PVP or PVE. It is frustrating and I avoid it at all costs.

Why is it that every time you take a few steps forward, then take a major leap backwards? Its like you are siting in your office trying to do as little as possible to make your customer base happy.

Bottom line, the new skill tree is great, especially the UI look, however the split pool needs to go in the trash.

EDIT: And on a side note, Not every person in trek was good on the ground, or in space for that matter. Just like with life, you chose an area to be good in which suits you and you enjoy.