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12-22-2011, 03:09 AM
Originally Posted by Omegastar_Palerider
You know you were doing so well and convincing till you used that cheesy trump card of "more time on SWTOR" bit. By that, bud, you ruined your argument, IMO. That could've been left out. Well, enjoy your little um.. lightsaber.
Well, I am not really worried. See I have a Life time account for STO, I enjoy the game. The SWTOR comment came from when I spoke to Brandon@PWE_Flakes on STO. And told him I hated the forced division of skill points. And Commented on how I would rather spend time on SWTOR.

For the record I am as much a STAR TREK fan as I am a STAR WARS fan.

I Told him that the Skill change of forced skill division made me want to Play SWTOR more then STO. He Responded with a and pointed out the Skill change was not Final and to post my remarks. I took a look over the changes and it simplifies the skill majorly. I like the Premise around it BUT

The force Skill point division, basically Neuters the Admiral abilities. I Don't have ONE Admiral ability at 9. Basically we have skills we can't even use.

They need to remove the skill Division. The over all changes they made Have a LOT of promise. But the Skill Division NEUTERS the Admiral Skills. They need to remove the Skill system split. I am hoping like with the Dilithium crafting they will heed this.