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12-22-2011, 04:57 AM
Actually, those ships are supply and troop transporters. They carry either troops or supply, supply meaning prefabricated items that can't easily be replicated on the fly, antimatter, torpedoes (casings, guidance) and just about everything else you need to keep a fleet running.

As for your list of vessels: Non canon since every single one ship listed is a fan-fic.

The Federation has never had carriers in canon, because carriers in trek are stupid.

Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
The pros are: none.

The Cons are:
- You're adding another monument to stupidity.
- Instead of revamping the vo'quv and kar'fi towards drone carrying ship (see, no-one would complain about drones because its actually not a moronic idea.) adding a fed carrier just encourages the continuation of this BS.
- The klinkers need their Shoe. The Feds got their Shoe's. MVAM, Dreads, Cloaking Escorts, tanking escorts, pointless escorts, weird science, funny science, imba science. Well seated in the eyebrow raiser department.
The klinkers shoe is basically carriers and bop, and bops they are bound to lose once romulans turn up (those guys will probably get battlelcoaking cruisers.too).. You can't just give away their special shoe.
- Basic gameplay question:
So, what deployables should the fed carrier get? The same as the klinkers? Including all the recent pay2use stuff? You want a carbon copy? Do you guys have any idea beyond "launches fighter, more carriers and defiants"?
What role is this ship to fill? The spam role? Wee and here i thought we got that front covered exceedingly well already.
- further put into "why, how, and WHY?!" territory by the fact that every federation ship apparently has a large shuttlebay anyway which raises the question why there should be a dedicated carrier ship instead of say consoles that give every ship the ability to launch something.
- Incidentally: why isn't the fed using holo drones/fighter? I mean they saw it fit to be able to holo-summon freaking battleships... one would think a wing of fighters would be more promising.... since they are smaller and wont immediately be lolstomped off the battlefield again...

- Ever heard of Faction pride? Learn to use what the Federation has, and stop wimpering over how the grass is greener on the other side.
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