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12-22-2011, 05:25 AM
Suggestions for your consideration:

The New sets should offer the following:

All sets:
- warp 13 standard warp speed.


- have the graviton beam apply a DOT instead of direct damage. set the damage type to the same type you use for the harghpeng. Call the effect "gravitational sheers" or something.
- have the warp bubble effect activate in combat randomly.
- The shields bonus power should scale with skills at the very least. However id prefer if you'd make it a stackable buff likeneed to those of the aegis set: the more you are fired upon the more stacks of power you get.


- Fix the tetryon glider, give it a nice effect and raise the damage to something non trivial.
- the Energy wake ability of the OMEGA shield should be a stackable buff and scale in magnitude inversely to your ships mobility. If you have a fast and agile ship, you gain less, if you have a ponderous ship you gain more.

the Old Borg Set:

- add a transwarp animation - a sort of greenish tunnel. much like slipstream but less... bright.
- have the tractor beams power drain increased and linger for longer.
Both should be a little payoff for having to use the "meh" shield. ^^