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12-22-2011, 06:27 AM
I run my fleet escort with all Borg MK XI's:

Fore: Phaser Dual Heavy Cannon
Quantum Torpedo
Quantum Torpedo
Phaser Beam Array

Aft: Phaser Beam Array
Quantum Torpedo
Quantum Torpedo

Maximum Weapon Power: 125
Least Weapon Power available during firing: 103

On top of having a bonus to energy damage for keeping your weapon power above 100 at all times, the extra torpedo launcher does more dps than most people would give credit for. I'm also planning on getting a Defiant-R with quad cannons so that my build will not only still be effective, it will also be canon to my personal favorite trek series, DS9.

Tactical: FaW1, TT1, BTS2, APD2, TS3, CRF3, APO3
Engineering: ET1, EPS1, AF1
Science: PH1, ST3

As you might notice, I have a lot of crew abilities, therefore I've loaded up an emergency forcefield and bio function monitor console to protect my crew.