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I finally had 40 EDC together so i decided to test both guns on RedShirt first... and then went with the MACO Rifle on Holodeck.

*happy that i got my shiny*

the rifles look awesome, for the Phaser Rifle, i would have liked a CANON TNG Movie rifle a lot more... but maybe in the DS9 Series as a reward? (hint hint)

that emotion was directly followed by:

*eeew* this is NOT better than what i had before ...not at all!

Note: this is a review that directly compares the weapons on their own, NOT the Set Bonus, because that is still 80 EDC away, so i sit here right now trying to decide if i even want to use those guns for the next 80 STF's !

This should be a no brainer...
These are supposed to be special Anti Borg Gunz right?
Specially designed to be effective in STF's right?

no ...not realy

but first this is what i currently use:
1: The *Ghostbusters rifle* with chain lightning = awesome vs. Mobs
2: A Tetryon *Pumpgun* with Knockback and good AoE damage in primary and secondary fire.

both Weapons have slow firing high damage projectiles and an AoE Attack that can damage a whole Mob.
and my Pumpgun even has a anti [BORG] proc, so every borg the AoE damage touches gets an addition 15 damage.

The Ghostbusters rifle even seems to have a neat bug vs. Borg, so that primary and secondary fire have to be adapted to separately by the Borg (i guess the gun uses 2 different damage types?), which gives you maybe 2 or 3 extra bolts before you have to remodulate.

MACO Rifle + Omega Rifle primary fire:

3 Rapid Fire bolts (only difference is Phaser and Antiproton)

THE GOOD: thx to the anti-[BORG]-proc the gun does an extra 45 damage per button press *like*
THE BAD: the same 3 rapid fire bolts make the Borg adapt to the both guns in record time, so you have to remodulate pretty much every 2 - 3 Shots, which lowers the total DPS to rock bottom.
ANY high damage bolt gun can shoot more often and keep the DPS up longer over time.

With the complete Set, this might not be as big of a problem because of the faster remodulation buff (have not seen it in action yet! ), but without, it gimps the gun into uselessness... and i am still 80 STF runs away from those buffs, but i want to use the weapons when i unlock them.

Suggestion: change the way how Borg react to rapid fire weapons, don't make every single bolt count, but only the button press. This would be good for ALL rapid fire weapons in STO, so i would prefer this option.
Option 2 change it to a single high damage bolt weapon, but in that case, where would be the difference to a default Phaser Sniper Rifle? in the numbers only? no need for that.... also the existing visuals would be messed up by that.

MACO Rifle: Secondary Attack: Sniper

GOOD ...BUT NOT GOOD: it shows other players what borg drone you are targeting, a normal sniper rifle does the same with the Red Laserpointer... it just isn't as IN YOUR FACE. In theory this is good so others can either focus their fire on that point (applies to opening shot), or avoid killing it before you shoot and direct their dps somewhere else (applies to exposed low health enemies).
but In action... people are stupid and do the exact opposite every time -> if the people FAIL it is still a FAIL

THE BAD: The Sniper takes a long time to aim, neither my Tetryon Pumpgun nor my Ghostbuster rifle take that long to aim, i actually notice that i want to shoot exposed enemies, and other players kill them before my gun even Shoots. That is *normal* for a sniper, but not fun in Group Matches.
No Knockback. Knockback is NEEDED in the Infected Boss room to kick the Drones into the plasma, and it is needed in The Cure to keep worker drones away from touching the ...glowy things that shut the force fields down.

SUGGESTION: Make the secondary attack a High Density Beam please!
It is exploit and knockback, and also can hit multiple drones in line of fire, you might even make it load faster, it goes well with the rifles animation and you have a tiny chance to also hit other drones in line of fire.
And also you could get rid of the silly IN YOUR FACE target pointer... replace with blue laser pointer... just for example.

OMEGA Rifle Secondary: bolt spread (expose)

THE GOOD: AoE expose and damage, not tested in action, but hopefully on par with a Pumpgun Secondary Attack, at least in terms of expose and damage.

SUPER NEAT: smoking animation!

THE BAD: again no Knockback, no Knockdown. *see MACO Rifle

SUGGESTION: ...maybe try making this secondary attack a shotgun secondary AoE with knockdown. i know it's supposed to look and feel like a machine gun, but even todays Machineguns have optional grenade launchers. (yes i'm playing Battlefield 3, so what? ;P ).... i think this would be bad for the visual effect, but better for STF gameplay.
*Require some more thinking,
i don't like my own idea here, the visual is too awesome to replace, but i want a knockdown/knockback to go with it somehow...

the only thing i have no idea how to compensate would be the chain lightning of the Ghostbusters rifle.

my current gameplay style is to open with the Tetryon Pumpguns Secondary, it knocks a few Borg in the Mob down, +expose chance. then shoot the secondary of the Ghostbusters rifle at the last Borg in the mob so the chain lightning does additional flanking damage to the borg in front -> that pretty much kills the whole Mob in Normal Difficulty STFs. Only the occasional one elite drone will be left standing.

Please make these STF guns better for players who do not have the Set Bonus yet, the super fast adapting just makes them painful to use, and no Knockback is a no go.