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12-22-2011, 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
Hey guys, thank you for your feedback on this set!

I wanted to drop in to let you all know that I'm just starting an in-depth review of these space sets (ground sets after that) to ensure that they are working properly, balanced with one another, and their bonuses are easily understood.

So keep your feedback coming! I'm aiming to have revised versions of the MACO, Omega and KHG sets out prior to F2P. And just to put your minds at ease, we recognize the time investment involved in obtaining this gear, and the expected level of reward that players are after when investing that much time and energy. We want to reward you accordingly.
Thanks for the FYI. I'm sure we all appreciate your efforts in giving this gear the appropriate "WOW" factor that was originally intended.

Claydermuch has some good suggestions of which I concur with. My take on some potential balance pass ideas:

All Engines: Sector travel speed needs to be increased I'm not sure if they ALL need to be Warp 13 engines, but I think the game has some leeway for the sets to have higher sector speeds between warp 11 and 13.

Breen Engine: This is probably the worst engine currently at endgame in terms of Max/Min speed. It could use a big boost. If you compare the Breen engines with the Aegis the flight speed is as much as a -20 difference.

OMEGA Engine: Needs to be about +5 faster than currently implemented.I seem to get these weird looking orange puffs when I change direction up and down. It would be interesting if this was changed to a small thrust jet (like from maneuvering thrusters).

Tetryon Glider: Without a working implementation it's hard for me to say how this should be changed. Is it intended to be a poor man's Directed Energy Modulation? Or is it intended to be a +X damage to Y weapon's base damage?

Heavy Graviton Beam: Reduce the charge time by 50% Use the existing damage formula for the Phaser Spinal Lance with a high chance to apply a heavy DoT as Claydermuch suggested. "Gravitational Fracture" or "Gravitational Sheering" does have a nice ring to it. I'd propose the effect be clear-able with Engineering team and Aux to SIF.

Breen Shield: I know this has been talked about the past, but I was wondering if Capt. Logan could give this shield some "subtle" Breen tech like the other sets? Perhaps a geodesic shield effect when getting fired on? It's actually a great shield IMHO.

Finally, Consoles: All sets I think would benefit from some type of universal console. The Borg Set is the Staple of ALL endgame builds simply because you can do a best of both worlds build with it. If the other sets had a console build variety would be greatly increased.

Thanks again for the update, and Merry Christmas Everyone (or whichever holiday you choose to honor)!