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12-22-2011, 07:59 AM
Changing the skill tree again so soon is bad enough, and the fact that you cant respec without using Cryptic points is disgusting. (Not including the 1 free token)

It takes several specs to perfect a signal build and there are so many bugs in the current tree i.e. (Specing into inertial dampeners to 9 gives next to nothing in terms of stun duration resistance) I wouldn't mind if you could see the effects of your spec before you finalise it. Its money consuming trail and error.

Want us to spec us into ground?, just give us extra points to spec there.

The fact you can complete elite ground STFs with no ground points, proves how ridiculous this forced split is. I hate ground, I love space, there is no valid reason in spliting our points like this.

I'm finding my self having to spec into things that I have no interest in just to get to then next tier, and finding myself soooo lacking in tier 5 skill points its laughable.

Please do not push this, that being said the UI is nice.