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12-22-2011, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by Trueheart
Interesting thread...

The way I see it, compare fighting the "Boss" of the Cure ground with all the other "Boss" ground fights and it becomes painfully obvious that Armek is broken. I've yet to be on a team that has gotten through the fight.

As far as strategies go I suppose a couple healers spamming heals on someone meleeing him would theoretically work as before, but the STF Queue doesn't exactly facilitate locking out players based on specific class so you can get your "perfect team build".

Hopefully they fix Armek so his fight is in line with the rest of the ground boss fights...
Unfortunately the only real way you can get up to him is to be the tank and healer yourself because of his overly high damage per shot that actually will kill in 3 hits. And the Area bombardment that kills in the same extreme damage numbers on normal, neutralizes the option of actually healing the tactical and engineer players. Because you then sacrafice your own self being the medic, which inturn kills the tactical and engineer from the medic being down. Also to make matters worse, all attempts to revive fallen comrades results in the entire group whipping out the attempt, again because of the area bombardments and armek's high damage in combination with the flank damage.

Summary - Get 3 full medics with the best possible gear that they can get loaded up, and tell them to shoot at him until his shields fall, then to switch to a non-batleth or lirpa melee weapon. This is only so that you stay on him when your busy keeping yourself alive. All the rest of the classes currently have to suck it up and either spam turrets and security escorts, so stand there and look pretty.
- - 2 proper medics and atleast 1 engineer would probably be enough as well.

-- Because of his circle of cover shields that are placed, you actually cannot set some healers in the back of the area were nothing really goes on, because their line of sight to heal the tank is constantly lost and disrupted.

-- There are some special hypo's that you can get too, that counter the assimilation effect. Your probably going to want to stockpile these to counter that aspect of him as well. Because as I have said in previous postings. I have gotten to the point I could have killed him solo with my entire group watching me do so, if he had not actually assimilated me.

-- Tribble buffs, well I suppose they may actually help. I'd probably recommend the ones that improve your health and armor. Regen won't be usefull again because of the massive damage he currently does.

-- Turrets. Oddly enough these little turrets while weak as ever, actually distracted Armek from time to time and actually let me catch up on my critically falling behind heal rates.

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Oh btw, this was all on the normal setting, not the elite setting. I can only feel sorry for any poor soul whom has ever attempted this new version of this mission on elite settings.

Originally Posted by Timelord_Victorious
What this thread is still lacking, is some hard data on how to resist his attacks so we don't get oneshotted anymore.
Supposedly if you were to go nuts and grind through the space STF missions and get yourself some maco armor... no.. no.. thats so silly it couldnt possibly work. Because the universe hates us.. and won't admit it.