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Attempt at constructive criticism:
I like the looks of the new interface.

1) My Space skill tree for my FED characters is the same as on holodeck. My space tree on my KDF has the changed space skill tree.

2) How hard is it to make the minimum tier skill spends to be in multiples of 1000?
(or 2500 in the case of the Tier 4. while I am at it, the 2500 can cause you to have a total space or ground build ending in 500 which makes it impossible to completely spend you skill points for another reason.)
I have been unable to spend all of my skill points.

3) You get done skilling up and you always have 1 or 2000 points left, and it won't let you spend them on a tier 1 or tier 2 skill. If you are re-speccing, it will not let you accept your respec unless you have spent all your skill points.

4) the power tips for which skills boost which boff or captain power is broken. If you are going to have every boff power and captain power in the skill tips it may not be necessary.

5) All the ground skills have asterisks after them, but no real clue why?

6) Why doesn't the interface window which pops up when you first log in and need a forced respec show you the minimum skill points per tier required.