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12-22-2011, 12:39 PM
Personally, I believe the whole problem lies in the way adaptation is handled: It was introduced after the change happened to make guns fire more often, to make the "Shooter Mode" more viable.
However, adaptation did not take this change into account. The way it works, by counting each shot up to an "Adapted" meter, would have worked fine, if the weapons stayed higher base damage, lower frequency of fire.

Now with the STFs also getting more "arcade"-ish, more shooting is necessary. The STF weapons show the desire to comply with that design aim.
This creates a problem:

Higher burst fire is useless, and spike damage is king, because you have to remodulate your weapons less frequently.
This consequence also carries with it the problem that people with random weapons that only have high DPS numbers, but low spike capability are practically not contributing to a group going through the current incarnations of STFs.

I think the solution lies not in changing the weapons, but rather in the way adaptation works:
Instead of making each shot count towards adaptation, make only one trigger pull, aka burst, count towards it.

This would make DPS numbers on weapons actually mean something again.
This would also again free people to use weapons they want to use and be effective regardless of this choice.

(Oh, and I actually like the sniper rifle - I always thought those pushback rifles were kind of lame, sorry)