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Originally Posted by LEONHART View Post
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That's actually a docking bay for a special auxiliary craft. Most pictures of the Odyssey class are from before they finished it, but they did put these pictures out just a few days ago:


On its own:
(with separated saucer in the background)
And since the last picture also had the separated saucer, the separated stardrive section just to complete the picture:!/CapnLogan/sta...637185/photo/1

We don't know what it's for yet, though. It could be the Odyssey's version of the D'kyr's support ship, but somebody did put out the theory that it could be a functional ship in its own right. Rough estimates based on the Sovereign Odyssey size comparison from the dev blog would put this thing a bit shorter than the Defiant and about half as wide. Not a small ship by any measure.