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12-22-2011, 01:30 PM
The Basic change in ranking is at the stage a
Veteran of the system was used to seeing a Free Enterprise E.
or Sovey class.. an iconic long term cannon old friend and generally nice ship..
All DEPT Heads BOFFS were Lt Commander or better..
Now you really don't have a RAUH ship unless you buy a RALH ship and spend 120k Dth for it.
We have many varieties of good 1 Star ships from C store or normal Gold account means so its fairly balanced for Engineers. in this Classification.

Primary Focus on ships class relate to your career path in giving a ship a class advantage of power slots
so its a case of Ranks changing for Commanding officer ..

Im a fan of the First Trek Movie its use of the Enterprise and Making Captain Spock the only Captain as that Traditional Protocol as he was senior and the Admiral had Tactical Command of the Ship.

Here as a Vice Admiral our EXEC or First officer should be a Captain
Thus as a Senior Ship in an Open Fleet management and not a traditional formal military assignment.. we should get a compromise Extra BOFF power Slot for Topping out.

What would you think about a Universal Captains slot or added Commanders BOFF Slot on Senior ships?
Customizing to bring the skills of the BOFF with you to any ship now brings a well trained and groomed BOFF to not haveing a slot. .fitting their rank Grade Rating..
Perhaps we could discuss a Fleet Command ship role in PVE Fleet actions gving out bonus rewards for longevity?