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12-22-2011, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Kobayashi Maru
This is a great change and will help clarify why "Commander 0" doesn't actually award a promotion as one might expect. I support this update. However, as others suggested, it might be better to decouple the ranking system altogether. At the very least display it as something closer to:

Level 36 (Rank: Commander)

If time and development permit, it would be nice to set your "Rank" separate from your actual level (i.e. allow me to show "Level 50 (Captain)" to other players, and not just "Level 50 (Vice Admiral)" when I'm wearing captain pips)
THIS!!!!!!! Sick of Starfleet being top heavy with Admirals acting like Captains.

I'm not an RP'er but for a sense of trekness (couldn't think of a better word). There's never been show where we have the main leader as an Admiral, always Captains.